We deliver therapeutics using unique delivery technology with low dose, high efficacy outcomes

About Pinata Therapeutics

Pinata Therapeutics is creating an intellectual property portfolio of novel molecules and drug delivery mechanisms for clinical trials and commercialization.We apply engineering technology and formulation expertise to create our therapeutics. In some instances, we repurpose existing drugs and enhance their delivery, lower required dosing and increase bioavailability. This in turn will streamline the regulatory approval process, clinical trials and market acceptance. The platform delivery technologies enable precise dosing, high bioavailability and targeted delivery.

Business Segmentation: Novel Therapeutics, Biologic Technology, Cannabinoids.

Our Technologies

Pinata Therapeutics’s proprietary manufacturing and delivery technology enables lower dosing, directed treatment to achieve higher bioavailability, resulting in less side effects. Pinata Therapeutics has two (2) distinct delivery platforms using dry power Inhalation and our specialty coated Vegetable Oral Capsule technology. 


Pinata has a strong pipeline of new therapeutics. We are developing formulations and testing new inventions for our portfolio routinely. We are expanding into novel therapeutics that revolutionize delivery through our engineering.